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As a Company - Why should you use a recruitment agency?

“Very good question “ would say, M. Chirac.

Although the benefits of using a recruitment agency apply to anybody, everybody doesn’t need it.

Writing an exhaustive list of those who need will make this article terribly boring 🙂. We will stick to the most common cases. You usually should use a recruitment agency if:

“You’ve tried by yourself and you struggle to have to have good candidates applying,..." It’s not the best feeling when you start to think that nobody wants to work in your company. You constantly announce open positions, and yet there are very few candidates apply?

Or worse, you received some negatives feedbacks from previous candidates about your company? The role of an agency is to help your company at every stage of recruitment – from building an offer and understanding your staffing needs, to sourcing candidates, assessing them, recruiting them and onboarding. They keep optimizing everything to give the best candidate experience during the whole recruitment process.

[Or] “Your job offer was a catch, and now you don’t have time for interviews and to make your selection”

If the recruitment interviews became an unpleasant task and you happen to squeeze them between other important meetings or neglect other duties because of them – it might be time to delegate. The recruitment agency will do interviews with candidates on your behalf, assess what you are looking for and you will receive a ready-to-hire list of recommended, best candidates.

Besides not being able to handle every apply properly and not doing every interview has it should be, could deteriorate your candidate experience. Using a recruitment agency is the insurance that all. applications will be well handled.

[Sometimes] you went all the way through, but you realize the casting error, and start thinking, you employ the wrong people.

It is a great disappointment when the company have made all efforts to recruit a person, only to realize that it’s not a match. It doesn’t matter if she/he doesn’t fit the team, doesn’t have enough competence or ends his contract for no reason. It’s one of the responsibilities of your recruitment agency to be able to recognize that a candidate may not be the right person for a given role at an early stage of the recruitment process. Your agency will increase your chances of hiring a good-fit with expectations that your company will fulfil. It saves your time and your money.

[Then], you might not be sure who your perfect candidate is and you have no idea where to find the ideal candidate for the role.

Having trouble with determining specific features and skills of a candidate, and finding her/him will be extended and you will certainly lose time and money. While, with an agency you will find recruiters, who are experts in the profile you’re looking for, willing to help you to identify these features. They will have an extensive base of right candidates but also a thriving website that is watched by potential candidates, and they will the best way to promote your offer – on social media, top online job boards or at the universities.

[Well, it might just be that] the company is growing and needs employees with new or unusual competences. You would like to assess properly those competencies.

For the newly opened departments, your HR department might not have a lot of knowledge about the new type of candidates you need.

An agency can take on the pressure of finding new and desired skilled candidates and even set them up so they are ready to start from the very first day. Besides testing those candidates is more than necessary to distinguish between the best candidates and the good ones. A recruitment agency will be able to provide competencies tests relevant to your open position.

You need to fill, not one, not two but way more jobs than your team and you can handle within the deadline. The recruitment process takes a lot of time and resources, even if you’re looking for one employee and have a dedicated recruiting team member. When you have to hire more people, imagine the amount of precious time you will have to sacrifice to find the perfect candidates. This is where the recruitment agency kicks in.

You think that your recruitment process takes forever, as one of my clients told me.

[Finally], you want to control your recruitment costs

You may be losing a lot of money because of bad decisions about recruitment in your company. If the expenses for the publication and promotion of job advertisements do not turn out in the form of good and recruited candidates who stay in the company for a longer period of time, then you’re losing money. Recruitment agencies not only have a huge database of people ready to change jobs at any time, but it also has access to attractive job boards and knows how to navigate in them to reach the right candidates. In addition, its fees are fixed and due completely, only after the end of the recruitment process, once you know that you have found your match and he/she validates your trial period.

Etc. …

Did you recognise yourself?

You might want to contact Clément, Thaliane Recruitment Managing Director for a little chat, click here.

There are many different agencies out there, and as many ways of doing the job.

It’s also good to know what can you demand from a recruitment agency. Check out your last article on the subject.

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