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On-The-Go Expertise

Our freelance network is yours.

Our customers

We have built On-The-Go Expertise for organisation having a time-constrained need on a specific matter. It can be to build a website, to pen-test your infrastructures, to manage a delayed project and so on. In any case, you need expertise than you do not usually need for a 3 to 18 months.

Our work

Similarly to Talent Finder, the person you are looking for will need to have the deep will to support you on a challenging project. Our work will be to asses your need, making sure we have a detailed checklist to target the best professional there is.

Our mission

Our mission is to make the whole process seamless on both ends. Working with freelance is entirely different in terms of contracting, managing, training and so on. To meet your expectation, we will build the needed framework for everyone to feel safe to operate at their best.

Our goal

We want your project to succeed without any frictions. It means finding the right person, having the best framework without having to deal with different contracts.

Few examples of our actions

Digital Targeting

Over the years, we have developed a strong international network of people having the skills you seek, operating as freelances.

Combined with our ability to quickly target the people you are looking for, we are able to give you efficient answers to your needs.

Remote Targeting

All developed market are facing important asymmetry between their needs and talented available people. In France, studies shows that for 40k new engineering position a year, only 30k or so student graduate.

Thanks to our international network, we are able to find people without boarder constraints, while maintaining our excellence standards on both ends.

Should we move in this direction, we would provide with all the assistance needed to meet your collaboration expectations.

Administrative Handling

Working with freelance require specific contracting and finance. To meet our standards, we want this administrative part to feel completely seamless for you.

We will handle everything on the freelance side, and all you will have to care about will be a standard contract offer from Thaliane.

For freelances working with us, it means having access to dedicated teams and services to ensure you have all you need to succeed in your project.

Engaging Result

Sometimes you know that you are looking for more than a person with a certain set of skills. Sometimes, you have specification sheets ready to meet the team of expert to build your next product or offer.

We can answer to those bidding. Thanks to On-The-Go created teams, you will have access to the best matching people in order to meet your objectives.

We will handle the bidding answer and target the best project leader to start producing your offer.

Let's talk

Let's talk.

Our Address

10 Rue Ledru-Rollin

92150 Suresnes


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